Vacation and Recovery

We are back from some much needed time away. I thoroughly enjoyed our time with family and friends! We celebrated a beautiful sunset wedding, and explored the beauty of my home state.
Yet in it all we also felt the empty spot in our time away. The views she would have loved, and the celebration of life and survival that I wanted so much to share with her.
I don’t talk a whole lot about the sad side of things because it is in my nature to dwell on the positive, but life requires balance. And with all that we have gone through on this journey, the loss of my mother-in-law has been by far the hardest. She would have loved this trip, this time in nature, this time with family. She didn’t win her fight with this monster, and I will always carry that unreasonable guilt with me.

Notes on Recovery Week 7

I am continuing to heal, continuing to drink lots of water, eat good foods, take time to rest, and take time to move.
Hair growth is steady. My eyebrows and lashes have joined the party now (I have 5 o’clock shadow above my eyes), and I have rejoined the shaving world once more.
Neuropathy lessens a little each week.
Still some swelling in my feet and ankles from the Taxol, but as it is greatly dependent on my activity level, It is manageable.
Nausea is super rare now.
Chemo brain still holding on. I’m getting better with short-term memory and not forgetting what I am talking about mid-sentence. Single function tasks I can handle, but multitasking is definitely still a struggle. Like, don’t try to talk to me while I drive, I currently cannot do both safely.
Onward I continue, because there is a whole lot of life to be lived 🌸

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