Taking Back My Kitchen

So many parts of life change during treatment. It steals away bits and pieces of the defining parts of your life.
A big one for me was the inability to spend time enjoying my kitchen.
I love to cook, and I love to eat. Treatment made both very difficult. There was fatigue and nausea, and restrictions that kept me away from my favorite room in the house. It wasn’t until recently that I have felt inclined to step back into that domain. It’s been a slow process, even this far out from treatment. Part of it is still the fact that recovery takes time. There have been a whole lot of chemicals and toxins pumped into my body, and detoxing requires rest and hydration and patience.
There are still challenges and limitations to being in the kitchen, but it is nice to take back another part of life.
Tonight I made lemon orzo with roasted summer vegetables, and served it along side some lemon & dijon chicken. Of course there was my favorite sliced fresh baguette with cultured butter, peach preserves, and goat cheese as well.
I am truly thankful for each small victory over this monster.

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