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When you totally overdo it at the theme park and need to take a break. Back at the car, in the shade, with a breeze. Nap time! This recovery process is so much about rest, and paying attention when my body says no. Today I pushed a bit too far, and my body shouted “NO”.…

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Let me tell ya, rebellion tastes pretty amazing today 🇺🇸 I totally broke the NO Coffee rule this morning. When you’re trying to maintain a significant hydration level caffeine isn’t going to help with that, in fact, it is going to hinder it significantly. Caffeine is a diuretic, and contributes to dehydration. I’ve been without my…

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Making Time for You

Whether you’re chasing kids, balancing fiscal year end for your business, running a household, and/or running a corporation, making time to care for yourself needs to be a priority. Now, I’m not talking about a day at the spa once a week, or anything like that. Kudos if that is you, color me green with…

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