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Let me tell ya, rebellion tastes pretty amazing today 🇺🇸 I totally broke the NO Coffee rule this morning. When you’re trying to maintain a significant hydration level caffeine isn’t going to help with that, in fact, it is going to hinder it significantly. Caffeine is a diuretic, and contributes to dehydration. I’ve been without my…

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Finding A Routine

We all know the benefits of having a routine. They give our days structure. Routine allows us to focus time and energy on the task at hand knowing that there is time ahead for those other tasks of the day. Without a routine, I’m certain my dishes would NEVER get done. I’d end up buying…

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Making Time for You

Whether you’re chasing kids, balancing fiscal year end for your business, running a household, and/or running a corporation, making time to care for yourself needs to be a priority. Now, I’m not talking about a day at the spa once a week, or anything like that. Kudos if that is you, color me green with…

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