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Raising Readers

Passing along a love of reading to my children has always been a parenting goal of mine. I am an avid reader and have found that raising readers needed to be something I did intentionally, and not something they would just absorb by watching me. Here’s how we promote a love of reading in our…

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The Truth & The Lies We Tell Our Children

Telling the truth to our children all the time is not always possible. Here is how we handle it. Truth at all cost is never an option – Kids deserve the truth as often as we can tell it, but we will lie when necessary. This is usually only when the cost of the truth…

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Finding A Routine

We all know the benefits of having a routine. They give our days structure. Routine allows us to focus time and energy on the task at hand knowing that there is time ahead for those other tasks of the day. Without a routine, I’m certain my dishes would NEVER get done. I’d end up buying…

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