Surviving The Storm


So very true. 🌸 I am changed in so many ways.

I often feel as though the last months have been the most intensive dream. It’s like those first days when you bring home a newborn and your life is no longer your own. It is elementally changed. You are sleep deprived, hormonal, and living each moment by trial and error trying to adjust to a new state of being. I remember very little of the first few weeks after each of my children were born. I know those days were challenging, exhausting, and yet also wonderful. Those days molded me into a mother.

Diagnosis, surgery, and treatment have felt much like that as well. My life has not been my own to live. It is once again elementally changed. With so much intense focus on the cancer in my life, I have been sleep deprived, sick, fatigued, hormonal, and brain fogged. I may not remember each of these days, but I will carry their effects for the rest of my life. These days have molded me into a survivor.

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