Searching & Connecting

When we started our Autism journey I was scared, then I was overwhelmed, and now I am determined.

Since my first “Google: Autism” experience, I have purposefully avoided researching too much, and I have looked for answers in conversations with the experienced parents, therapists, psychologists, and our pediatrician. Frankly, I have been terrified at the mass of opinions and passionate stances on all thing Autism from vaccinations, to gluten-free diets, and immunologist blood transfusions.

Recently, I braved the “autism” shelves at the library. I though I had chosen some “easy” reading with a couple of Jenny McCarthy books and a Special Needs Children nutrition book. Holy wow! It is still very overwhelming, but also so very encouraging.

I sit and write this as I just finished reading Louder Than Words: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism by Jenny McCarthy. I cried, I laughed, and more importantly I connected. While her story is unique to her son, so is mine, but there is a common goal. We both want our boys to shine through the confines of Autism. We are willing to learn and try anything safe and logical to help our kids progress while they still can.

There is also the joyous celebration of small victories. I remember dancing around the house the day my son called me mom. We’ve screamed and danced and cried and cheered for words, for signs, for peeing, for haircuts, and for every small victory. They mean so much. They mean we are moving forward and that is the biggest key to unlocking Autism. Forward motion and progress. Jenny very effectively captures the joy of the smallest of victories.

On an additional note, I must say that this book also reminded me once again to be incredibly thankful to have my husband by my side; fighting and working and feeling all this with me. Autism can and does destroy marriages. I am so so so so thankful God gave me such a wonderful partner for the adventures of this life. He is an amazing Daddy and Husband!!

How do you make connections? How do you find comfort and information in a world overloaded with unreliable information?

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