News Sources for Kids

Current events are important inclusions in our children’s lives, but it can be hard to find news sources that are age appropriate. Here is where we go to find current event news that is appropriate and enjoyable for kids.

As with all recommendations, please view these sites before you take my word for it. What I find appropriate for my kids is going to be different than what you find appropriate for yours. Always practice internet safety with your kids: establish guidelines, be present, talk about it, and keep doors open.

Here There Everywhere

This is a site that posts news articles written for kids, and sometimes by kids. The site organizes news into simple categories that make those current event school assignments a little easier to find. It also serves to keep kids interested in discovering other news on related topics.

TIME For Kids

This is another well curated news source for the younger audiences. With a more neutral stance and more lightened world coverage, and more articles geared towards children’s interests.

CNN Student News

This is a source my middle-schooler uses at home and is used in their social studies class on a regular basis.


This is a recent addition to our news sources for the kids. Again, mainly for the middle-school-aged child. With all the negative news out there, our daughter was beginning to think the world was just a pit of despair. UpWorthy gives her news with a positive bent.


Lastly, use these as jumping off points for conversations. Kids are easily influenced by the opinions of others, and journalism today is peppered liberally with opinion. These are teachable moments where children can learn how to determine their own view of events, and even agree or disagree with an author. Give them an opportunity to utilize critical thinking skills to determine if a source is credible or not, and learn discernment.


We know these are just some of the news resources out there for kids. So, what do you use? How do you keep you kids up to date on current events in a kid-friendly way?


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