Lawn Games for Family Fun

As the days grow longer, we begin to anticipate the lightened schedules of summer days. My soul longs to be outside. Even just for an late afternoon or eveningĀ in a lawn chair watching the kids play in the grass.

Better yet, I think we’ll bust out some lawn games and play together!

These games are great for the backyard anytime, or tote them along to the park, or to the beach. Play them at a backyard birthday barbecue , or at your wedding reception!

Yard Yatzee

This is fun all on it’s own, but I love that it keeps the kids using math all summer and they don’t even realize it! — No calculators allowed!

Buy it here

Or visit MomTastic for a DIY version!


This is a great game for a group! It gets us up moving, and gives me a chance to discover if all that yoga is paying off!

We love this version for those hot days!

Or get the less wet DIY version at OneGoodThing


This is a little more sedate, and is a fun addition to an adult evening. But get the kids playing too, it uses all that spelling work they did all year!

This is a beautiful set all ready to play out of the bag

Or visit ConsiderThePeel for the DIY version!


Dominoes is another great game that gets us up and moving and uses all that math we love!

I love this set

And OneDogWoof has a beautiful DIY version!

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