I Am Stronger

“In this instance, the “stand or fall” has to do with people’s response to grief and adversity: to wit, if you aren’t killed outright by whatever happened, you have a choice in how the rest of your life is lived—you keep standing, though battered and worn by time and elements, still a buttress and a signpost—or you fall and return quietly to the earth from which you sprang, your elements giving succor to those who come after you.” 
I’m an avid reader. Oddly, during treatment I did not read all that much considering the amount of time I spent in waiting rooms and treatment chairs. However now that things have settled down, I have once again renewed my relationship with my library card. 
I have a passion for books and read a large variety of stories over all sorts of genres. One of my current favorite authors is Diana Gabaldon. I picked up one of her books (Seven Stones To Stand Or Fall) this evening, and while reading the introduction was presented with the preceding quote.
A reminder once more that while life happens in all it’s beauty and ugliness, it really is up to us to decide how we react.

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