House & Home

Everyone has daydreamed about their ideal home. We’ve all imagined how it would look, how it would magically be pristinely clean all the time, how the closets would say beautifully organized, and how the flowers would always be in bloom with never a weed in site. Well, the dishes still demand out attention, so we’ll find some strategies to creating a dreamy and peaceful home. We’ll try our best, allow for failures along the way, and adjust our dreams accordingly.

Finding A Routine

We all know the benefits of having a routine. They give our days structure. Routine allows us to focus time and energy on the task at hand knowing that there is time ahead for those other tasks of the day. Without a routine, I’m certain my dishes would NEVER get done. I’d end up buying…

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Making A List

How writing things down, helps me get things done. I am a list maker! They organize the chaos of tasks, and give priority to what needs to be accomplished today. My lists are fairly simple. Stuff that needs my attention today: Buy toilet paper — because I realized after finishing a roll this morning, there…

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