This world we live in seems to be in constant change. The family definition from my childhood is only part of a much larger picture today.  We have families that encompass aging parents, step-children, pet children, and even friends. Put simply, a family is a group of people choosing to experience life together. Family makes life rich with opportunities to give and receive wisdom, love, kindness, mercy, grace, and oh so much more. 

Urgent Care to Emergency Room

Not at all how I wanted to spend my Monday, but not much to be done about it. Swelling in my foot has persisted, so off I went to the urgent care to have things examined. Lab work came back elevated for a possible blood clot, so off to the ER I was sent. Nearly…

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Beach Hair Don’t Care!

Took my new hair to the beach today!  I’ve talked about my temporary Taxol hair in the past, and you can still see it’s remnants when you look closely – I’ve got what looks like frosted tips from the 90’s boy bands. However, today I took MY hair to the beach. Without a hat, without…

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Chemotherapy Recovery Week 8

My Sunday morning indulgence of fully caffeinated coffee complete with real cream and real sugar ☕️ Unfortunately it is partnered with some persistent swelling in my ankle. Ice, compression sock, and elevation are the name of the game. And likely a trek to the doctor for an ultrasound to rule out a blood clot. Swelling…

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Taking Back My Kitchen

So many parts of life change during treatment. It steals away bits and pieces of the defining parts of your life. A big one for me was the inability to spend time enjoying my kitchen. I love to cook, and I love to eat. Treatment made both very difficult. There was fatigue and nausea, and…

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Vacation and Recovery

We are back from some much needed time away. I thoroughly enjoyed our time with family and friends! We celebrated a beautiful sunset wedding, and explored the beauty of my home state. Yet in it all we also felt the empty spot in our time away. The views she would have loved, and the celebration…

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