Enriching Life

A wonderful life is a life rich with balance. It is incredibly important to take the time for ourselves. To enrich our lives with things we love. To enjoy the quiet, read a book, experience a new place, craft something, or enjoy the arts. These pursuits of the soul feed our dreams and inspire our goals. Without them we live a half-life.

Chemotherapy Recovery Week 3

Chemo recovery week 3 started off busy, but has settled into a more sedate pace this weekend. Nausea is still there but lessening. Hot flashes still continue. Fatigue is lessening, but I have to be careful not to overdo it. This week has delivered a new side effect – swelling of the ankles. While I…

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Let me tell ya, rebellion tastes pretty amazing today 🇺🇸 I totally broke the NO Coffee rule this morning. When you’re trying to maintain a significant hydration level caffeine isn’t going to help with that, in fact, it is going to hinder it significantly. Caffeine is a diuretic, and contributes to dehydration. I’ve been without my…

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Raising Readers

Passing along a love of reading to my children has always been a parenting goal of mine. I am an avid reader and have found that raising readers needed to be something I did intentionally, and not something they would just absorb by watching me. Here’s how we promote a love of reading in our…

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Summer Reading Fun

Summer is my favorite season for reading. In summer we shed the responsibilities of the school year and enjoy reading for the pure fun of it. There are a number of great printable and lists out there on the internet, and I’ll give you a list of some great ones at the end of this post.…

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Finding A Routine

We all know the benefits of having a routine. They give our days structure. Routine allows us to focus time and energy on the task at hand knowing that there is time ahead for those other tasks of the day. Without a routine, I’m certain my dishes would NEVER get done. I’d end up buying…

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Lawn Games for Family Fun

As the days grow longer, we begin to anticipate the lightened schedules of summer days. My soul longs to be outside. Even just for an late afternoon or evening in a lawn chair watching the kids play in the grass. Better yet, I think we’ll bust out some lawn games and play together! These games are…

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