Chemotherapy Recovery Week 8

My Sunday morning indulgence of fully caffeinated coffee complete with real cream and real sugar ☕️ Unfortunately it is partnered with some persistent swelling in my ankle. Ice, compression sock, and elevation are the name of the game. And likely a trek to the doctor for an ultrasound to rule out a blood clot.
Swelling of the feet and legs post Taxol is very common, and I noticed it beginning shortly after my last treatment. Up until this week, I’ve always been able to control it, but now it has stopped playing the game my way.
I feel as though, once again, I come to a point where I am ready to embrace my wonderful busy life, and my body says “nope, slow down, go easy, rest, and recover.” And if there is one incredibly hard lesson I have learned on this journey, it is to listen to what my body is saying – especially when it says “stop”. However, aside from this swelling and some still incredibly dry skin, most of my side effect symptoms have subsided. I am seeing hair and nail growth and health. My eyelashes have joined the party and my eyebrows are ready for some shaping. 
Also in the good news department, exchange surgery is scheduled! I’m getting rid of these expanders and getting squishier (a very relative term) implants for my birthday!

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