Chemotherapy Recovery Week 3

This detox and recovery process requires patience. I once again find myself challenged to embrace the slow pace required for my body to heal.
Unfortunately there is no magical “OFF” switch. The idea that once the last chemo is done, that things instantly go back to normal. It would be amazing if that was the case, but healing takes time. And just like recovery from surgery, recovery from chemotherapy comes with limitations and requires time. And for each person the experience is different.
For myself, I still struggle with nausea multiple times a day and have had to continue to rely on medications to keep it manageable. Fatigue is lessening, but I still require more rest (hence my 3 hour nap after the craziness of the kids’ last day of school). I still have neuropathy in my hands and feet. It shows improvement, but very slowly. The swelling in my ankles is improving, but has left the muscles and joints very tender and sore.  My hair continues to grow on my head. Still waiting on my eyebrows and eyelashes to join the party.
So we continue to wait, to rest, to hydrate, and to embrace each inch of progress. And I continue to learn patience.

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