Chemotherapy Recovery Week 1

Yesterday marked my first Thursday NOT sitting in the infusion center receiving chemotherapy!! Hooray!! It was odd to have my schedule so suddenly open. No trips to the nurse clinic for labs and PICC dressing changes. No more Zarzio shots!! No sitting in traffic, arranging childcare, or adjusting the homeschool lesson plans. Freedom from chemo is feeling awesome!
Still sticking to the home treatments though. Nausea still hanging around, so Zofran and tea. LOTS of rest and hydration. Maintaining 3+ liters of what we call “Magic Water”  EVERY DAY. Magic Water is Trader Joe’s Alkaline water + Electrolytes. I’’m telling’ ya, this stuff makes such a huge difference. I’ve tried drinking the same volume of spring water, and it doesn’t have the same effect. It could be placebo, but I don’t care, I’ll take it if it makes me feel better.
This evening I am spending some time enjoying a different view. My daughter participated in her High School’s art show at a local surf shop, so we’re enjoying the ocean breeze and watching the sun set on another day of healing.

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