Chemo Recovery Week 4

Today marks the 4th Thursday that I have not spent the day sitting in the infusion center receiving chemotherapy. It is the first Thursday that I can say I feel different. I feel better. I feel the exit of the drugs. I feel the healing.
I’m not done with recovery by far, but I feel as though I’ve turned a corner and the view laid out in front of me is beautiful.
“You have been assigned this mountain to show others that it can be moved”
As far as symptoms and side effects:
Fatigue – naps are occasional now rather than a daily necessity.
Neuropathy – mostly just in my toes, my fingers have been clear for about a week now.
Dry skin – definitely still sucking up the moisturizer, but I no longer create a dead skin dust cloud when I change my clothes.
Nausea – The anticipatory nausea seems to be gone for good. This just leaves typical nausea as the traces of chemo linger in my system.
Hair – slow but steady growth. Hair on my head has made past the 1-inch mark! Eye lashes and eyebrows starting to show some regrowth. And I may need to schedule a summer leg wax in the next week or so 😁
Hooray for improvement

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